Pillar Scent Diffuser™ v2 Wireless
Pillar Scent Diffuser™ v2 Wireless
Pillar Scent Diffuser™ v2 Wireless
Pillar Scent Diffuser™ v2 Wireless
Pillar Scent Diffuser™ v2 Wireless
Pillar Scent Diffuser™ v2 Wireless
Pillar Scent Diffuser™ v2 Wireless
Pillar Scent Diffuser™ v2 Wireless
Pillar Scent Diffuser™ v2 Wireless
Pillar Scent Diffuser™ v2 Wireless
Pillar Scent Diffuser™ v2 Wireless
Pillar Scent Diffuser™ v2 Wireless
Pillar Scent Diffuser™ v2 Wireless
Pillar Scent Diffuser™ v2 Wireless
Pillar Scent Diffuser™ v2 Wireless
Pillar Scent Diffuser™ v2 Wireless
Pillar Scent Diffuser™ v2 Wireless

A 5-Star Hotel Experience At Home

Pillar Scent Diffuser™ v2 Wireless

Wireless & Portable

Safe for Pets & Children

Living room icon.png__PID:4582ab17-fdd4-475c-98f7-d41ffdc587f3

Scents 600 sq ft (Living Room)

Flameless & Waterless

Fuss Free Automatic

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Dry Mist Leaves No Residue

Labour Day Sale! Use code LABOURS
Ending in:

RM1,255.00 MYR
RM2,402.00 MYR

Safest, Fuss Free, Strong Coverage Aroma Diffuser


Greet Your Friends and Family With A Confident Smile

Scent is the FIRST thing people notice when you open the doors.

People form an impression with looks, but judge based on smell.

Remember that hotel experience where the instant those lobby doors opened and you remember that gush of aroma? Now that's a 5-star experience...

There is strength in scenting, especially with the Pillar Scent Diffuser™.

what our customers say



"I delude myself I'm on vacation everyday, with the help of this diffuser. It really elevates my home to the next level.

Turns my room into a 5 star hotel."


"Unlike air fresheners or humidifiers, this is comparably much stronger."



"It's so sleek and stylish, blends perfectly into my home decor. Best thing is wireless, giving me the freedom to place it where I need it."


"During gatherings I place it on the tidbits table. When guests takes a poo in the toilet, I pass it to them. After cooking I leave it in the kitchen. Freshens up whichever room needs scenting within minutes."


"Great coverage area from living room to bedrooms. With wireless function I bring it to my living room during the day, and bedroom when ending my night."

Trusted by 1000+ Singaporeans & Malaysians

Bring It Where It's Needed

Bring It Where It's Needed

Doing heavy cooking? Bring it in the kitchen.

Doing your big business in the toilet? Cover up the embarrassment.

Having a house party? The living room is where it needs to be.

Time to unwind after a long day's rest? It'll teleport you to a spa like ambience.

Instant Aromatic Scenting

Instant Aromatic Scenting

Just 5 minutes to fill up an entire air-conditioned living room.

Aroma oils at it's purest form, turn any room smelling like a 5 star hotel.

3 scent intensity modes, you have full control over scent strength.

Positioning is everything. Place the diffuser right in the middle of the room for maximum coverage, or blend into your home decor.

The timeless design can be both a centerpiece or a quiet flex.

Pillar v2 Image Banner

Portable Night Light

Pillar Diffuser v2 bedside

Portable Night Light

Ambient light doubles as a night light when needed. When you're about to tuck into dream land, turn the light off and set a timer to turn off the aroma spritzing.

With an anti-slip base and rust-resistant shell, have no fear and place it anywhere it's needed.

Discover the Pillar In Your Home

RM1,255.00 MYR
RM2,402.00 MYR

The safest home scenting solution

Dangers of Common Home Fragrances

Scented Candle Toxic Smoke

Scented Candles - Toxic Smoke & More

  • Scented candles release more particles than a diesel car that has been left running
  • Smoke pollutes the air with soot, trapped in your lungs
  • Top 5 reasons for home fires
  • Wax made of petroleum, increasing the risk of headaches, dizziness and breathing difficulties

Humidifiers - Home For Bacteria & Virus

  • Breeding ground for bacteria and fungus
  • Triggers flu symptoms
  • Requires cleaning every 3-5 days
  • Daily water refill is troublesome
Humidifier Bacteria and Virus

"It's been over 6 months and still, the first thing nearly everyone who comes into my home comments about how AMAZING it smells!" - Dorothy T. 

Advanced Cold Air Diffusion

Pillar v2 Split Gif dark BG.gif__PID:5c98f7d4-1ffd-4587-b322-5f297ed25df6

Auto Off Timer

2, 4, 8  or 12 Hours Timer

Charging Cable

USB Type-C (Provided)

Coverage Area

Up To 600 Square Feet



Heatless & Flameless


Residue Free


Noise Level

38dba (Sound of a Fridge) 

Oil Capacity

100ml Pure Aroma Oil

Average Refill Duration

3-5 months


Aviation Grade Aluminium


8.4 x 27.4 cm 


1.0kg (1,000 grams)


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Your Satisfaction
is Our Priority

Secure Shopping

SSL encryption to ensure your payment information is always secure

Free Shipping

Free shipping on all SG & MY orders with a Pillar Scent Diffuser.

Get your purchase delivered within 5 working days and hassle-free.

Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind the quality of our products and offer a 21-day money-back guarantee.

No questions asked!

Safe Ingredients

Aroma oils are thoughtfully designed to never include harsh chemicals.

We avoid ingredients such as alcohol, that are known to cause potential harm to health or the environment.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Pillar Scent Diffuser V2

Finally got my hands on this Pillar Scent Diffuser V2 & Voila!!! I love the sleek design & of coz, the luxurious hotel scent that I could have at the comfort of my home! 🩷ing it so much!!!

Pillar v2

Got the v2 on pre-launch discount at $300+, what a bargain. Because it's wireless I can even bring it with me when I'm doing big business in the toilet haha

Savinder Kaur
Love my Pillar Scent Diffuser

Received my Pillar Scent diffuser and used it straight away. My house smells heavenly, had a few guests yesterday and they all commented on the lovely fragrance of my home.Bought 2 more refills immediately. Love it.

3rd Purchase Outstanding Diffuser, long lasting scent!

This product surpassed my expectations! Will order another soon! Scents are rich smelling without being overpowering! Makes me feel happy!

Worth the wait

Excellent customer service. My first unit had an issue with turning it on. It was exchanged within a week! I chose pure ritz, magic fresh and grand lily. My scent now is pure ritz. Really turns my home smelling more posh!