What is your return/refund policy?

  • In an unlikely event you are dissatisfied with your product, do give us an opportunity to rectify your issue. You can reach out to us in the Contact Us page. We also accept returns only if product is unopened and unused within 7 days of receiving the product. Refer to our Refund Policy for more info.

    Alternatively you may drop an email to admin@honearoma.com

How to use?

  1. Remove stopper with a spoon.

  2. Start by inserting 2-3 reed sticks into bottle.

  3. You may add or remove as per your preference of scent strength. The more reeds are inserted, the stronger throw of scent.

  4. The diffuser will achieve full effect within a few hours. It is recommended  to flip reeds once a month for consistent fragrance strength.

    Hone aroma diffusers are blended to maximise scent strength. For small rooms, we have customers informing us that 1 reed stick is enough.


Where to place diffuser?

  • Reed diffusers are best placed near high traffic areas, away from direct sunlight. The appropriate placement height for maximum scent is around nose level.

How long does it last?

  • 70ml diffusers last between 4-7 weeks depending on environment factors.
    220ml lasts up to 15 weeks.

    Reed diffusers will evaporate faster if placed in windy areas or under direct sunlight. It is advised to avoid sunlight or windy areas to prolong the lifetime of your diffuser. The more reed sticks are inserted, the faster the oil gets consumed.

Can I self collect?

  • We're based in Singapore and currently do not have self collection enabled, but stay tuned as more shipping options are on the way!

Product Quality

  • Our reed diffusers are hand-poured and packaged in Singapore with materials sourced from around the world. Our carefully selected blends ensure safe, genuine and authentic scents.
    Many other reed diffusers use alcohol to dilute their fragrance and increase evaporation speed. We have ensured our products are alcohol free and made from highest quality oils.

    Hone Aroma fragrance oils are not meant to be ingested or applied directly onto skin. If ingestion occurs, consult medical attention immediately.