Reed Diffusers Collection

Blended deliberately for optimal scent throw and long lasting fragrance. Hone Aroma reed diffusers are truly a home essential. Breathe, enjoy, experience an aromatic adventure that hones your senses.

Collection: Reed Diffusers For Home, Office or Shops

Searching For Reed Diffusers In Singapore? 
Fuss Free, Flame Free, Stench Free. 

A fragrant and easy solution for those who want to scent their space without the need to press a single button.

Enjoy Hone Aroma diffusers in the home, office, massage spas, shops or even hotel rooms. Deliberately created and blended to provide optimal scent throw and long lasting fragrance to hone your senses. 

Each alcohol-free diffuser is made with premium grade fragrance oils which abide by International Fragrance Association (IFRA) standards. 

From your dining room to bedroom, add unique charm to every room with our top scent picks that will bring a truly "home-sweet-home" air to your nest. Fragrance diffusers are indeed one of the home essentials you did not think of.

Each scent is carefully tested and surveyed by new home owners like you, shop fronts and in hotel rooms before finally reaching our store front for sale.