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About Us

Our Inspiration

 To bring colour and fragrance into every home. Home fragrance with unique and beautiful designs. Hitting home both visually and fragrantly


The Quest is Apparent:

 your senses

Our Craft

At  , our reed diffusers are made with the finest essential oils, blended to last long with excellent quality control. Scents are curated to achieve various objectives which assist with concentration, alertness, relaxation and many more.

In short: Our blends are optimised for scent strength and long lasting usability.


Our Safety Standards

Our carefully formulated products ensure the highest level of safety, and they are made user-friendly for everyone to obtain fragrant benefits that have been linked to aromatherapy. Some recommend ingestion of oils for its benefits; however we DO NOT recommend this advice.

Our raw aroma blends are approved by SGS, CE, ROHS, REACH, IFRA and MSDS standards. 

Various cosmetic grade colours are then added to visually enable our reed diffusers to suit your visual needs. Mesmerising visuals are known to take the mind away from bad or stressful experiences. These colours are not diffused by the reed sticks, thus safely remaining in the bottles till dry. These colours are certified for safe use in products with direct skin contact such as bath-bombs and eye shadow.