a diffuser guaranteed to Turn Your Home Into a 5-star hotel

Breathe fragrantly with Pillar Scent Diffuser. Your STRONGEST Home Aroma Diffuser.

  • Maximum scent throw, minimum noise

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

  • Fills your WHOLE living room

  • 12 Volt plug-in scent diffuser

  • Up to 500sqf/250m3 coverage (Size of 2-Bedroom Apt.)

  • Sleek design to impress your guests

  • Hotel grade technology, downsized for your home

  • Customizable scent intensity


Hone Aroma Values

Create luxurious, long lasting and strong aromatic home fragrances that elevate the ambiance of any space.

How often have you bought a fragrance product & can't smell it after a few days? Think about how much money you're wasting.

entire Home Smells Like A Hotel

Fill your home or office with the fragrances you enjoy, and you can actually smell! 

Pillar Scent Diffuser has enough range for an entire 2-Bedroom apartment.

Emit PURE aroma oils as nano–fine particles, ensuring long lasting and optimized scent throw

Quite literally the ONLY diffuser you need.

What Makes Pillar Scent Diffuser Different

Customizable Fragrance Intensity

24/7 Remote Controlled Operation

Up To 500 Sq. Ft.

Size of a 1 or 2-bedroom HDB

Safe for Pets, Children & Furniture

Proven Effective Diffusion Technology

Cold Air Diffusion

Cruelty Free

Clean and Safe

Lasting & Strong Aroma

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30 Days Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 30-days money back guarantee on our Pillar Scent Diffuser! 

We fully stand behind our product and believe we have THE nano diffusion diffuser in the industry. 

A full month to try out our product, and if you don't like it 100%, contact us and we'll find a solution.

  • Scent Strength Guaranteed

  • 30-day money back guarantee

Why So Confident?

Pillar Scent Diffuser is a commercial grade diffuser meant for shopping malls, hotels & convention centers. 

Essentially we have used the same technology, but downsized and made it aesthetically pleasing for your home.

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Free Shipping

Free shipping with all orders from Singapore & Malaysia

14-Day Return

We accept returns within 14 days if there is any defect

Damage Compensation

We will compensate or exchange in case you receive a defective order

Customer Service

We offer 24/7 email and social media chat support to help with all questions

What Is Nano Diffusion Tech?

By breaking down pure aroma oils into nano-fine particles, this causes fragrance particles to linger in the air for longer and further.

This creates a further scent reach radius, unlike traditional room spray pumps which simply sinks straight onto the ground.

Nano diffusion does not consume heavy electricity, so you can have a peace of mind with utility bills.

Unlike scented candles or room sprays, nano diffusion consumes minimal aroma oils. At the lowest setting, Pillar Scent Diffuser only consumes 0.2ml/hour of aroma oil. That's not even 1ml/hour!

  • Further scent reach

  • Hotel scent bundle
  • Scent lingers in the air
  • Low consumption of electricity and aroma oil
  • Child & pet safe

A Brand You Can Trust

  • We listen to our customers & the Pillar Scent Diffuser is the result

  • Unique scents by Hone Aroma

  • More than 1,500 followers across social media platforms

  • Easy to contactthrough Instagram/Facebook direct message & email

  • No middle-man costs, direct to customer model

We hear your painsof simply wanting to smell the fragrance in your home. 

So many products like room sprays, candles or even reed diffusers are 

too weak for large areas like the living room. 

With a regularly updated scent selection, you are sure to find what you love. 

Otherwise, let us know and we can curate a special blend for you.


 Products have reached happy customers


Satisfied customers and five-star reviews


Tested diffusers & fragrances.

Result: Hotel grade fragrance

other aroma products doesn't feel right?

Have you tried:

1) Humidifiers

2) Reed Diffusers

3) Scented Candles & Incense

But it felt:

1) Annoying to refill water levels

2) Too weak scent to for a large area

3) Irritated by stinky soot smoke

Pillar Scent Diffuser

  • Pure concentrated fragrance

  • Eco-friendly. 

    Pet, baby & furniture safe 

  • Sleek, compact & portable

  • Hotel grade atomisation technology

  • Remote controlled

  • Long Lasting

  • Little maintenance

Scented Candles

  • 80% wax, 20% fragrance

  • Emits toxic chemicals found in diesel fuel

  • Increased risk of asthma & cancer 

  • Fire Hazard & releases smoke

  • Disposable 1-time use only


  • Diluted with water

  • Emits micro-organisms & minerals

  • Encourages growth of mold

  • Daily refills needed

  • Cleaning & maintenance needed

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Where Would I Use Pillar Scent Diffuser?

so how much is it?

We Asked The Experts:

Finally we have a product that makes home fragrance easy and fuss free. 

We HAD to consult the experts

From manufacturers, retailers and hotels/resorts, the average recommended price was:

MSRP S$500

but we felt it was too much

S$499?! Thats too much for our normal home dweller! 😡

We dug deep into our margins, cut costs on packaging, and negotiated with manufacturing.

Why? We felt that nobody would get to try this revolutionary product at that price.

Glad To Unveil The Revised Retail Price:

starting fr. MSRP S$400.00

You're helping us tremendously just by being here.

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Why So Cheap? 

We Do Not Have Unlimited Funds

As a new start-up in Singapore, we can't have cash stuck as inventory. For your trust in us, we want to give you as much as we can. What better way than money savings?

No Middlemen, No Agent Fees

We have a direct-to-consumer model, cutting out middlemen fees.

No Transfer Of Marketing Cost

For most brands out there, an average of 50% of the retail price is incurred by influencer & celebrity fees.

This does not have any marketing cost transferred, BUT it will be once retail prices kick in.

Production At Scale

By producing at scale, we're able to also import at scale. Lowering production and delivery costs by up to 25%.



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  • 1x Premium Concentrated Oil Of your Choice (Worth $65)
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  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
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  • 3x Premium Concentrated Oil (Worth $195)
  • Sleek Way Scent (Inspired by 1-H*tel Miami)
  • Dream In Scent (Inspired by West*n Hotel)
  • Magic Fresh Scent (Inspired by W Hotel)
  • Price shown excludes coupon deduction
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Priority Shipping
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Still reading?! You're awesome. 

If you've skimmed through all that information above, 
here's a summary straight to the point:

(1) Plug - in diffuser
(2) Control of scent intensity and off- timer
(3) Fuss free
(4) Safe for pets & children
(5) Waterless, flameless
(6) 30-days guarantee
(7) No unhappy reviews
(8) Far reaching up to 500 sq. ft.
(9) Premium concentrate aroma fragrances
(10) Quite literally the only diffuser you will ever need

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